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Top Tennis Tracker is a tennis-score tracking app aimed at lifting your player to the next level.

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User Friendly
Concrete Security
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Enjoy watching while tracking

Top Tennis Tracker was built adhering to one most important principle. You, the user, must be able to still enjoy just watching the match while tracking.

Track one aspect

You can only track one of three aspects at the same time: Momentum, Serve & Return, or Rally Details. That way, you will not drown in the technicalities.

Track one player

You can only track and view the stats of your player, not the opponent. The goal is to focus on your player's long term development, not a single match.

The tool of your liking

Top Tennis Tracker is a cross platform application full of unique features. Performance, long battery life, and seamless user experience were among our main development principles.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


Uniquely Designed App Screens

Designed with the highest user-experience standards, by tennis players, for tennis players.

How Top Tennis Tracker Works

The app works intuitively, but for optimal use, watch the tutorial below.

Visually appealing, intuitive, fast, and easy to use

Track the most often forgotten and yet very important aspect of the game, momentum! Discover how your player responds to momentum shifts that occur in every single match. The App will help you as it identifies the momentum shifts for you!

Go beyond standard serve & return stats and discover the really interesting aspects of your player's serving and returning performance. And don't limit yourself to tracking only winners and unforced errors. There are far more interesting rally details to get insight into, if you want to analyze your player's performance.

Features In This App

Top Tennis Tracker is designed and built with strong principals in mind, making sure that tracking a match is fun and easy.

Free Version

Track and analyze the momentum of a match, completely free.

Unique Design

Designed following the highest user-experience standards.


Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5.

User Friendly

Presents options for both quick and detailed match tracking.

Quick Access

Created with ease of use in mind. No login of any kind is required.

Concrete Security

No authorizations required. No server. All tracked data is private!

Free Updates

Regular and free updates catering to all of users' requests.

Fast Support

Both technical and tennis experts on call to answer questions.

Go Premium. Be Happy

Track more rally details than even the pros have available to them, and never miss tracking a match due to an unavailable scoring rule.

Top Tennis Tracker Free

  • Track Momentum
  • Track Serve & Return
  • Track Rally Details
  • Best of 3 Sets Scoring Rule
  • All Other Scoring Rules
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Top Tennis Tracker Pro

2.49 / monthly
  • Track Momentum
  • Track Serve & Return
  • Track Rally Details
  • Best of 3 Sets Scoring Rule
  • All Other Scoring Rules
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Do even more with Top Tennis Tracker

Collect crucial match-data and analyze whether your player is on track with their performance goals. But also, discover if a lucky shot or a choke-moment really did have a lasting effect on the outcome of the match. Find out what really brings those tough matches home?

Troubles with Top Tennis Tracker?

Below are the answers to the questions we most frequently get asked. Of course, do also feel free to contact us directly.

Can I undo a tracked point when I make a tracking mistake?

Yes absolutely. Ability to Undo a tracked point is crucial as it can easily happen that you accidentaly track a point as won or lost when it should've been the other way around. You can find the Undo button in the options pop-up after tapping on the three dots that are in the top right corner of the screen.

Why can't I track matches with short sets?

You surely can track matches with short sets. We allow for tracking under many scoring rules, amongst which a scoring rule of best of 3 short sets to 4 games with a tie-break at 3-3 and a scoring rule of best of 3 short sets to 4 games with a tie-break at 4-4. You do however need to upgrade to a Pro plan in order to enable this. With the Free version of the app, you can only track standard best of 3 sets matches.

Can I track Momentum together with Serve & Return or Rally Details?

No. This was another design choice we have made. Other competing apps allow for this, but we have noticed that by allowing users to track everything, the tracking becomes complicated. With that, the tracking itself takes away attention from actually watching the match, enjoying it, and even deciding which comments to enter during tracking.

Is there a way to copy my tracked matches to a new phone?

At the moment not, because that would require syncing to a back-end server. We chose to prioritize ease of access and security in publishing our app. That's why you are not bothered with login requests or app authorizations. We do plan to make this possible in a future update, where we will find a way to enable restoration of your account after switching phones, without hassling you with login details.

Is it possible to analyze stats across multiple matches?

Not yet, but this is an important planned update. In order to truly track the progress of your player, you need to be able to see how their serve or return percentages, or any other stat for that matter, develop over time. We acknowledge this importance and will enable this in one of our updates soon.

Why can't I view the tracked stats for both players?

This was a conscious choice when we designed the app. We believe that the focus of the user should be on a single player they are interested it. The goal is not to compare the stats between two players, in order to see what exactly won the match. The goal is to focus on the long term development of your player. Set performance goals, and track their achievements using our app.

Will there be an update that enables tracking doubles matches?

Possibly in the future, but for now we haven't planned it. The dynamic in a doubles match is different. The tracking modes therefore might also need to be different. This app was designed by a mental coach who focusses only on singles matches. We want to be able to offer the same quality of options for doubles as we do for singles. Once we are able to do so, the update will be announced.

How can I share the detailed match stats with my player?

Currently you can only share the generic Overview stats. We are exploring options of an update to enable sharing all detailed stats in a value-adding manner. The reason why we haven't included this immediately is because we also see value in viewing the detailed stats together with the tracked player and discussing them face to face. This should be beneficial to the relationship between you as a coach and your player.